Volume 2. Issue 3. 2022.

Editorial Preface

The second year, the second issue of the Volunteer Review focuses on two topics: the effects of COVID-19 on the Hungarian nonprofit sector and volunteering, and the situation of health nonprofit organizations and volunteering. The first two theoretical studies elaborate on these two topics in more detail. One of the additional theoretical studies, in the case of a special group of seconded medical and health science students, examined their activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, while the other revealed the motivation of volunteers in a humanitarian medical mission. The practical case study presents three examples of hospital volunteering until the outbreak of the pandemic, while the methodological case study analyzes the activities of volunteers from a humanitarian organisation during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first review also describes the situation of hospital volunteering based on a Portuguese study. Another article in the review section is a conference report on volunteering and the labor market.

An overview of the practice and methodology related position and problems of the for- and nonprofit organization development in Hungary

Brigitta Nardai-Bőhm

Social Impact Assessment - Based on social impact assessment projects among nonprofit organisations

Csaba Bakó

"Organisations want to manage resources well and operate efficiently. For the not-for-profit sector, generating resources and finding the right level of organisation remain the main challenges."

Absztrakt ›››

"Although the literature of social impact assessment became available in Hungary during the last one-and-half decade, we still cannot view it as general practice; our experiences show that NGOs mostly focus on satisfaction at most, and the number of those who systematically evaluate short- and long-term impact is minimal."

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Preparing civil-nonprofit organisations for successful collaboration with companies in the private sector - The experiences of the Civil Impact Academy

Gyöngyvér Kiss

"Based on the experience of the Academy, the present study examines the partnerships that can be established between nonprofit organisations and companies beyond sponsorship and donation."

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Volunteer coordination and volunteering in the Budapest100 project

Tímea Szőke

"In this study, I first present the operation and structure of the project, focusing on the process of volunteerism and the role of volunteers. In addition, I analyze the motivational factors of Budapest100 volunteers as described by themselves in the Hungarian Volunteer Motivation Questionnaire."

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General and specific problems and the effectivenes of training volunteers - particulary in mental health, healthcare, social organization level

Orsolya Szücs

"Volunteering is important not only to maintain and develop certain areas society would otherwise not be able to manage , but it can also satisfy our needs on a higher-level: the spiritual desires beyond our basic needs"

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Challenges and solutions of hospital volunteering

Reviewer: László Dorner

Does volunteering prepare you for the labour market?

Reviewer: Éva Perpék