Volume 1. Issue 1.

Editorial Preface

Theoretical papers in the Volunteering Review Volume 1, Issue 1 are around two extremely actual topics. On the one hand, studies departing from different approaches and by analysing some sub-sectors of volunteering make an assessment of the achievements, changes and challenges of volunteering in Hungary over the past decade. On the other hand, papers reveal the importance of volunteers' motivations by looking at both their theoretical and practical relevance. In this Issue the case study is about the role of volunteering in a specific field (integrated micro-regional children's programs) while the methodological paper analyses a particular form of volunteering, those activities that are carried out at music festivals. 

Assessing the first National Voluntary Strategy (2012-2020) - Achievements and shortcomings

Anna Mária Bartal

Formal and informal volunteering, according to the volunteering in Hungary 2018 survey

Miklós Gyorgyovich

"The analysis of the performance indicators, however, confirmed the goals of the extensive development of volunteering only partially and particularly in case of the key target groups they were fulfilled to a very limited extent. Moreover, the NVS has left many shortcomings, which at the same time pose enormous challenges to the new strategy for the period of 2021 of 2030."

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"As international trends show, the vast majority of volunteers in Hungary also work (partly) informally, while one third of them (also) take on tasks as formal volunteers. There is not a sharp line to draw between the two groups in all aspects, but they have different characteristics in several respects that require further thought."

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Motivational theories of volunteering in an integrated framework

Laszlo Dorner

"The aim of our present study is to analyze and integrate the main directions of research in this field during recent decades in a comparative framework. The study also seeks to demonstrate how fulfilling various needs is related to the longevity, frequency, and nature of volunteering."

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Who are the winners of the school community service? - Investigation of factors affecting positive attitudes towards school community service

Valéria Markos

"The primary aim of our present study is to show what factors influence the development of positive attitudes toward service and what sociocultural factors characterize students who enjoyed service and remember fifty hours positively.In addition to presenting the positive effects of service-learning subjects known from the international literature, we describe the Hungarian school community service."

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Research findings of the past 10 years on higher education students' volunteering 

Hajnalka Fényes

"The introductory section of this paper offers an insight into the main trends of volunteering of students over the period of 2010 and 2019. Then, it addresses important questions with regard to definition of volunteering, such as the dilemmas whether volunteering might be compulsory, or it must be non-compulsory, and whether it may also be beneficial to the volunteers or only to those who are receiving assistance by volunteers."

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Professional cooperations and volunteering in integrated subregional child programs

Éva Perpék - Márta Kiss

"Professional managers considered that help of volunteers would be needed in the implementation of several regular and ad hoc activities, but at present their involvement was assessed as relatively difficult. There is little activity, especially in the field of regular volunteering, and the regular volunteers are those who are a priori involved in the implementation of the programs."

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Isn't volunteering enough?

Réka Nagy

"In the last ten years, a methodology has been developed to support the implementation of a large-scale, short-term, episodic volunteer program, which has filled a gap in the world of domestic events. The study provides an insight into the challenges of the building phase, presents major milestones such as the HelloMentor training program or the introduction of the fesztivalonkentes.hu online interface."

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Reviewer: Szilvia Perényi