Network analysis outlook in the research of volunteerism

Eliza Bodor-Eranus - Ákos Bocskor


Our study explores the potential of the network-study approach in the research on volunteerism. Our starting point is the definition of volunteerism followed by the different paradigms related to the subject. Our study focuses on the network-study approach, highlighting the potential of network analysis in the study of different forms of volunteerism and the history of this approach in research in the field. For support, we also provide a brief overview of the key concepts in network analysis. We also wish to emphasize the innovative network approach that emerged during the research of volunteerism, which is illustrated by an example in our own research. Finally, we would like to provide practical guidance for organisational leaders, showing how research using network analysis can be utilized in everyday life.

Keywords: network analysis, volunteerism, paradigms of volunteerism research, innovative network approach, volunteering in practice