Author's guide to formal requirements

Dear Authors, please prepare your studies and articles in strict compliance with the following formal requirements - with regard to their online appearance.

General formal requirements

Expected length of theoretical studies: 10-15 pages (without title, abstract or figures, tables) with a maximum of 40,000 keystrokes (including spaces).

Expected length of practical-methodological articles: 8-10 pages (without title, abstract or figures, tables) maximum 20,000 keystrokes (including spaces).

Expected length of review articles: 5 pages 10,000 keystrokes (including spaces).

Expected length abstracts: 200 words, maximum 1500 characters

We ask our authors to give their occupation / position, academic degree and the name of their institution or organization next to their name.

In order to ensure anonymity, only the title should be included in the submitted studies!

In a separate file, but on one page, please send the title of the study, article, review, the title of the studies, articles, reviews, the author's name and the abstract (this is not necessary in the case of a review)!

Detailed formal requirements:

1. TITLE of the study: Calibri light font size 14, fett capitalized, closed to the left.

2. AUTHOR OF THE STUDY: Calibri light font size 14, capital letters, closed to the left.

3. Abstract inscription: Calibri light 14 uppercase and lowercase.

4. Abstract text: Calibri light 11 case spacing 1 case sensitive.

5. CHAPTER TITLE: Calibri light font size 14 fett capitalized, left closed - no numbering.

6. Title of subchapters: Calibri light 12 font size in italics, closed to the left - no numbering.

7. Title of additional subchapters: Calibri light 12 font size in italics, closed to the left - without numbering.

8. No space should be left between chapters, subchapter titles and the main text.

9. Main text of the study: Calibri, font size 12, line spacing 1.5, line breaks (no indents!)

10. Intertext breakdown of the main text: 6 pt distance

11. Footnotes: Calibri font size 10 line spacing 1, line breaks

12. Caption of figures, tables: figure / table number, then point After figure / table caption, no point or double point is needed

13. Title of figures, tables: Calibri 11 font size, italic, centered

14. In the main text, if there is a data analysis, please write the percentage in letters!

15. At the end of the study, the text LITERATURE should be added: Calibri light 14 uppercase letters, left closed - no numbering

16. Literature References (as detailed below): Calibri font size 11, line spacing 1.

Rules of reference

1. Intertextual references: (no punctuation is required between names and years!): (Kovács 2016), or (Kovács 2016: 34) or (Kovács 2016: 34-36), or (Kovács - Kiss 2017), ( Kovács - Kiss 2017: 35), (Kovács - Kiss 2017: 35-37).

Important: use a long hyphen or omit a type between names and long!

For more than two authors

Kovács et al. (2017), Kovács et al. (2017: 36), Kovács et al. (2017: 36-38)

Important: the - al. - make a point after!

When mentioning several authors, please list the cited authors by year and separate the lists with a comma:

(Varga 1996; Kovács 2000; Ács 2016)

2. Reference in Literature

We call on your discipline - where possible - to provide DOI after the bibliographic data of the articles!

  • Book, monograph

         János Kovács (2016): Title. Budapest: Publisher

         Jones, Jim (2005): Title. Cardiff: Publisher

  • Study published in a volume

         János Kovács (2016): Title. In: Vas A. - Kiss J. (ed.): Title of publication. Budapest: Publisher, pp. 11-21.

         Jones, Jim (2005): Title. In: Jones, J. - White, C. (eds.): Title of publication. Cardiff: Publisher, pp. 14-20.

  • Edited volume

         János Kovács (ed.) (2016): Title. Budapest: Publisher

  • Journal articles

         János Kovács (2016): Title. Voluntary Review, 1(2) (volume) (issue) pp. 25-35.


         Jones, Jim (2005): Title. Voluntary Review, 1(4) pp. 11-20.


         References of an author made in the same year should be indexed next to the year number:

         János Kovács (2016a): Title. Volunteer Review, 1 (4) (volume) (number) pp. 25-35.


  • Internet links

       János Kovács (2016): Title. (name of journal or publisher or additional bibliographic data)  

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