Volume 2. Issue 3. 2022.

Editorial Preface

The second year, the second issue of the Volunteer Review focuses on two topics: the effects of COVID-19 on the Hungarian nonprofit sector and volunteering, and the situation of health nonprofit organizations and volunteering. The first two theoretical studies elaborate on these two topics in more detail. One of the additional theoretical studies, in the case of a special group of seconded medical and health science students, examined their activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, while the other revealed the motivation of volunteers in a humanitarian medical mission. The practical case study presents three examples of hospital volunteering until the outbreak of the pandemic, while the methodological case study analyzes the activities of volunteers from a humanitarian organisation during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first review also describes the situation of hospital volunteering based on a Portuguese study. Another article in the review section is a conference report on volunteering and the labor market.

Short- and long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the nonprofit sector and volunteering

Csaba Bakó

The role of volunteerism in health care - The state of healthcare nonprofit organisations, new challenges in 2020-2022

Marianna Várfalvi

"The research identified four external and five internal factors that highly impacted whether an organization coped with the crisis successfully. The COVID-19 period also brought significant challenges for the recruitment of volunteers."

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"A major challenge for volunteering among health-related NPOs is to meet the new criteria and capacity needs and to cope with the additional workload."

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"Thrown in at the deep end" - The participation of medical and health science students in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

Anna Mária Bartal - Ágnes J. Lukács

"Medical and health science students are a valuable resource in the fight against the pandemic, even though their experiences during the secondment highlight the crucial role of professional preparation and psychological support, as well as the need to encourage volunteering." 

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The role and motivations of the volunteers of the Action for Defenceless People Foundation in "Operation Freedom"

Alexandra Valéria Sándor - Gergely Pataki - Krisztina Baranyai

"The results show that the two major factors, the expression of values and understanding, that were identified in the motivation of volunteers of "Operation Freedom" played a greater role in their motivation than the data found in the international literature, both in the overall sample and in all occupational subgroups."

A case study on volunteering in hospitals from the early 2010s until the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic - based on the examples of volunteering in hospitals in Szeged, Debrecen, and Veszprém

Éva Szilvia Kósa - Csenge Mike - Anikó Szabó

"This case study describes the operations of long-standing hospital volunteer services and provides a record of the consequences of specific crisis situations."

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Activities of Hungarian Red Cross volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic - Case study

Dóra Ipolyi - András Molnár

"We present the issues that necessitate volunteering and highlight factors that can be identified as good practices and challenges."

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Challenges and solutions of hospital volunteering

Reviewer: Valéria Markos

Does volunteering prepare you for the labour market?

Reviewer: Mara Mink