Volume 3. Issue 4. 2023.

Editorial Preface

The fourth thematic issue of the Volunteering Review focuses on the implementation and characteristics of the national and international volunteering programme of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture Programme, as well as on examples of volunteer-focused capacity development of regional nonprofit organisations and institutions. We considered it important to publish this thematic issue for two reasons. Pécs was the first European Capital of Culture in Hungary in 2010. Although there are numerous architectural, economic and sociogeographical analyses available on the Pécs 2010 European Capital of Culture programme, no comprehensive analyses have been made on the voluntary programme, its process and volunteers, which, under the circumstances, mobilised the whole city. This is one of the reasons why we considered it necessary to register the results and challenges of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture "Shining" Volunteer Programme from several perspectives. On the other hand, we wanted to show, partly to the involved stakeholders in the programme and partly to the cities applying for the title of the next European Capital of Culture: the important role that volunteering-based programmes play in the cultural and social integration of local society. The publication of our thematic issue of nearly 200 pages was supported by the Foundation for the Culture of the Veszprém-Balaton Region.

Characteristic of volunteering inthe European Capitals of Culture programmes, 2008 – 2022. Literature review and analysis

Hajnalka Fényes - Éva Perpék - László Dorner

From preparation to implementation: Volunteer involvement in the Veszprém – Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture program

Virág Zsófia Szendrei - Marietta Timár - Zsófia Happ

"Based on the identification of good practices, the most important features of volunteering programmes are flexibility, responsiveness, diversity, training, recognition and appreciation of volunteers, effective communication, appropriate use of technology and legacy building."

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Motivation and attitude of residents as potential host volunteers towards tourism, during the preparatory years of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme

Éva Kruppa-Jakab - Edit Kővári

"Our findings and practical recommendations may help to develop a successful, sustainable, and continuous system of volunteerism in Veszprém and its surroundings, and they may be useful for future European Capitals of Culture or other major event organisers as well."

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International Volunteer Activities and Achievements of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture Program 

Virág Zsófia Szendrei - Dávid Üregi - Zsófia Happ

"Through volunteerism and community activities, local communities have been strengthened, and the program has facilitated the establishment of connections with other ECoC cities and their twin cities. The personal development of volunteers and the improvement of their professional competencies have also contributed to the program's success." 

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"The success of the program is evident from the increased number of volunteers and their service hours and from the active participation of students who complete their School Community Service. This study reviews the process from preparation (2020-2022) to implementation (2023), during which the a Volunteer Involvement Program called "Shinies" became an integral part of the VEB2023 ECoC series of events."

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Experiencing community involvement through enjoyable volunteering and cultural attractions Characteristics and motivations of the volunteer group called "Shinies" of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture

Anna Mária Bartal

"The volunteers' reasons for volunteering and the ranking of their motivations to volunteer, although different across age groups, were preceded by the need and motivation for socialization, both in terms of value and value-related motivations and egoistic motivations. This suggests that Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture volunteering has accomplished a major role in the preservation of social interaction in a community-deprived local society."

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Life in "Star Point-Barn of Perjesi" (Csillagpont-Perjési Pajta) – The role of volunteerism in the integration of disadvantaged youthin Somogyszentpál, Hungary

Gábor Vidák

"The aim of this case study is to illustrate the challenges of operating a community centre in a disadvantaged neighbourhood and the opportunities for volunteering in such a setting. I will describe not only the implementation and results of a community development project, but also the – relatively – regular volunteering work that grew out of member and action volunteering, based on community development and social work."

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Practices, experiences, and challenges of the district centres of Ajka, Keszthely, and Zirc in volunteer recruitment

Henriette Rita Galambos

"Although there were differences in the age of volunteers, their motivation and their involvement, the muicipalities rely on them, and in many cases, the cultural programmes would not be accomplished without them. Local stories of volunteering have become important precedents, reference points, and elements of a shared memory. "

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Experiences and accomplishments of the "Fekete Sereg" Youth Association in international volunteer-coordination

Dávid Szokolay

"In 2006, a pivotal year in its history, the "Fekete Sereg" Youth Association began hosting international volunteers and sending Hungarian volunteers abroad. Over the years, this nonprofit organization has achieved notable success in the field of international volunteer-coordination." 

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Looking back and the key elements for the success: European Capital of Culture Pécs 2010, Turku 2011

Reviewer: Anna Mária Bartal