An analysis of the volunteer programme of an innovative christian youth organisation – Experiences and recommendations

Botond Dániel – Johanna-Krisztina Sütő


The Pulzus Platform Association in Cluj is a relatively new religious youth organization with deep roots and strong traditions. In 2021, appearing in the online space, and immediately stood out with its professional image and communication, strong identity, and clear mission. The association wants to implement the evangelization of young people in an innovative way through the organization of social and spiritual programs (camps, community events, podium discussions, women's weekends, outdoor activities, musical events). Volunteers play a very important role in the life of the organization, as the diverse repertoire of activities is associated with a high demand for human resources.

The goal of our research conducted in the spring of 2022 was to examine the organization's volunteer program in detail, starting with recruitment and selection, through volunteer's introduction, employment, and training ending in the closure of volunteer activities. Furthermore, we wanted to explore the efforts to motivate and retain volunteers as well as present the tasks of volunteer coordinators and mentors. In order to do all of this, in the spring of 2022, we first conducted a document analysis and then conducted semi-structured interviews with three employees and twelve volunteers of the organization.

According to our experience, the Pulzus Platform Association runs a successful volunteer program, the key of which is internal recruitment from among their own youth community and participants of their events and active attention to volunteers. The elements of the professional volunteer program are only partially found at the organization. Introducing the missing elements and increasing the number of regular volunteers represent the greatest opportunities for the development of the volunteer program, while the biggest challenge is preparing for the generational change.

Keywords: case study, volunteer management, religious youth organization, Pulzus Platform Association, Cluj