How does a green NGO become "Your partner in the transition to greening"?

Annamária Domonyik - Krisztina Csobay László - Erika Német


Environmental protection focuses on mitigating the damage caused by human activity, managing existing resources sustainably, and preserving ecological diversity in tandem with nature conservation. The Greenzone Association, founded in 2009, aims to address Hungarian society in a way that provides answers and solutions to the issues and challenges of environmentally conscious living. This is accomplished through the six major programmes detailed in the case study. These programmes are implemented and developed by the organisation's expanding staff and its growing volunteer base, despite changing circumstances. Since its inception, the organisation has been in contact with over a thousand volunteers, but conscious volunteer recruitment, training, and employment began in 2016. This case study will provide a detailed description of the volunteer coordination work at the Greenzone Association and describe the characteristics of the organisation's volunteers.

Keywords: environment, environmental/green NGO, volunteer management, team building, environmental/green volunteers,