Preparing civil-nonprofit organisations for successful collaboration with companies in the private sector - The experiences of the Civil Impact Academy

Gyöngyvér Kiss


Our colleagues at Civil Impact Nonprofit Ltd. have been encouraging cooperation between the representatives of the non-profit and for-profit sectors for more than ten years. We truly believe that there is knowledge and competence in the NGOs which can be benefit the operation of companies. Civil Impact Nonprofit Ltd. has organised the Civil Impact Academy for seven years with the goal to support participating civil-nonprofit organisations to build partnerships with companies and to highlight the expertise of civil-nonprofit organisations that add value to the companies. Based on the experience of the Academy, the present study examines the partnerships that can be established between nonprofit organisations and companies beyond sponsorship and donation. We will also explore the importance of establishing business partnerships between companies and civil-nonprofit organisations trends that shape corporate (public)thinking, and the new tasks and challenges all this implies for nonprofits. Finally, based on the above, we will map out the necessary developmental points in the nonprofit sector in order to realize an efficient partnership between themand companies.

Keywords: CSR, ESG, engagement, volunteering, employer branding, partnership, responsibility, sustainability, impact