Improving learning outcomes through activities in complex district childcare programmes

Éva Perpék – Márta Kiss


The aim of "Child Opportunities" program is to improve children's future, to reduce child poverty, and to prevent the reproduction of poverty through complex cross-sectoral interventions. This study explores the project elements of "Child Opportunities" program that increase student achievement. It is also examined whether volunteerism plays a role in the implementation of these project elements. According to the results, between 2017 and 2023, a total 18 000 plus children in the 31 most disadvantaged sub-regions benefited from services that directly and strongly influence school achievement. Such were developmental pedagogical services, tutoring, and afterschool club activities. Furthermore, the program helped approximately 11 000 children improve student performance through social work in kindergarten or school and career orientation sessions. The "Child Opportunities" program is an example of a construction in which the complex improvement of children's future and achievement is realised at the sub-region level and with project-based financing, and is not based on volunteers. Intensive, specialised activities related to learning and school performance were therefore carried out by qualified paid workers. The involvement of volunteers was usually typical of those activities that have an indirect and weaker influence on school achievement. These include periodic events with larger numbers of people, such as events organised for children and youth and weekend and holiday leisure and development programs. Although volunteering was not the focus of the project, and its volume was not significant either, regular and active presence of volunteers would be vital in sustaining the results and activities of the "Child Opportunities" program. However, based solely on volunteers, neither the program as a whole, nor the activities that directly and strongly influence school achievement can be sustained.

Keywords: "Child Opportunities" – program, school achievement, learning support, volunteering, participation