Is there any relation between corporate volunteering and corporate competitiveness? - A theoretical approach

Adrienn Reisinger


Corporate volunteering can be considered as an element of corporate social responsibility (CSR). In recent decades, numerous studies have examined the social and economic effects of CSR, mainly in an international context, including whether CSR activities financially impact the company's operation and thus their competitiveness. The impact of corporate volunteering, one of the elements of CSR on corporate operations has become the focus of research, mainly abroad. This study seeks to answer the question, from a theoretical perspective, whether corporate volunteering can also have an impact on corporate competitiveness. The paper draws on domestic and international literature and some research conducted domestically, and is complemented by the author's own reflections on their experience. One of the main findings of the study is that, based on existing practices, corporate volunteering is typically found in large companies, although even among them, the number of truly active volunteers is low, and the impact of volunteering is not researched thoroughly. The latter means that, although the relationship between corporate volunteering and corporate competitiveness can be addressed on the basis of theory, in practice, it would require a deeper assessment of the activity and a better positioning of the activity in corporate operations. The topic is extremely complex, as companies are diverse, so the study does not aim to formulate generalities; however, it points out phenomena and relation on the topic, which may be helpful for both researchers and corporate professionals.

Keywords: corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate volunteering, corporate competitiveness, impact