The situation of volunteering in civil-nonprofit organisations and public institutions in Szeklerland

Ágota Silló


Recruiting and managing volunteers is not an easy task for civil-nonprofit organizations. Volunteers are a special category of human resources, so their management also requires special human resource management, which is called volunteer management in the literature.
The research took place in the territory of Hargita county in Szeklerland in April-July 2021 with the participation of the leaders of civil-nonprofit organizations and municipal and public institutions. A total of 33 leaders of institutions were contacted. The purpose of my research was to examine how these managers apply volunteer management during the volunteer programs, to reveal the problems that hinder effective volunteer cooperation, and to highlight the existing strengths of civil non-profit organisations and public institutions in Szeklerland. 
The results reflect that the civil-nonprofit organizations, municipal and public institutions cooperating with volunteers in Szeklerland do not plan and develop their volunteer programs in advance. As a consequence, the volunteer management approach is not applied in a planned manner, but its various elements are present in a fragmented way: the process of recruiting volunteers, introducing volunteers into the organization, motivating and rewarding volunteers, and in some cases evaluating volunteer work. Measures of volunteer management that can be linked to the organization, such as accepting volunteering as a value, planning the volunteer program, preparing documentation, preparing employees, employing a volunteer coordinator, and allocating a budget for the volunteer program are missing.

Keywords: volunteer management, volunteering, civil-nonprofit organizations, Szeklerland, public institutions