Volunteer-coordinator at the Shelter Fundation

Ákos Surányi


Volunteer coordinator is an occupation that is not specifically listed in the occupational register, yet it is a profession that exists in nonprofit organisations where a large number of volunteers need to coordinate, manage and organise their work. In this paper I will first describe the institutionalised and complex assistance activities and projects of the Shelter Foundation, and then its volunteers and the activities they carry out. In the case study, I will use my experience at the Shelter House Foundation as a case study to describe the tasks and skills required to be a volunteer coordinator at a nonprofit organisation working with homeless people and families in need. Finally, I will also discuss how the COVID-19 epidemic has limited the Foundation's operations and the challenges this has posed to the volunteer coordinator's work.

Keywords: volunteer coordinator, Shelter Foundation, homeless care, family support, volunteering, COVID-19 epidemic