Intergenerational learning in the service of volunteering

László Varga


Intergenerational learning is not a new concept in our lives, as all ages have been learning together and from each other for a long time. This pedagogical paradigm refers to the acquisition of knowledge and skills between generations for the benefit of each other as well as of society. Today, when the older generation feels increasingly irrelevant and the younger generation also feels separated from the cultural roots and traditional values, it is the responsibility of the teaching profession, among others, to bring them together. Some early childhood educators are taking steps to foster contact between non-adjacent generations, for the benefit of all. Both formal intergenerational learning programs and informal relationships between early childhood education services, older generations in families and local aged care facilities in their communities, bring young and old together in inspiring ways. Intergenerational learning is one of the noblest and wisest investments. It is a big challenge to teach the unteachable...

Keywords: intergenerational learning, volunteering, prosocial behavior, new learning spaces, experiential learning