Who are the winners of the school community service? - Investigation of factors 
         affecting positive attitudes towards school community service
         Valéria Markos


In Hungary, the school community-service was introduced in 2012, with the main aim of motivating young people to volunteer. The longer-term effect of school community-service will be investigated in the following years, now we can study the first experiences. The primary aim of our present study is to show what factors influence the development of positive attitudes toward service and what sociocultural factors characterize students who enjoyed service and remember fifty hours positively. In addition to presenting the positive effects of service-learning subjects known from the international literature, we describe the Hungarian school community service. We present some of the results from our large-sample cross-sectional study conducted in 2019, which provides an answer to the question of what factors contribute to the development of positive attitudes and who are the students who associate positive attitudes with service. Finally, we formulate our proposals that can contribute to the development of the school community-service and National Voluntary Strategy 2021-2030.

Keywords: school community-service, service learning, volunteering, positive attitudes