Isn't volunteering enough?
          Réka Nagy


Since the launch of the Festival Volunteer Center in 2011, it has been welcoming 18-23 years old average aged volunteers who are open to the world of events. In the last ten years, a methodology has been developed to support the implementation of a large-scale, short-term, episodic volunteer program, which has filled a gap in the world of domestic events. The study provides an insight into the challenges of the building phase, presents major milestones such as the HelloMentor training program or the introduction of the online interface. In the definition examination of festival volunteering, we cover the characteristics of modern volunteering interpreted in a festival context and clarify the organization's position on volunteering in a "party" environment. In the last part of the study, we ask questions that the volunteer him/herself may encounter in him/her own environment when it comes to judging volunteering. With regard to the questions asked, the Festival Volunteer Center considers it the task of the organization to help find answers based on facts and personal experiences, in order to get a more realistic picture of festival volunteering in Hungary.

Keywords: festival volunteering, short-term volunteering, episodic volunteering, training program for volunteers, message of volunteering