On inclusive volunteering - A brief overview

Ildikó Laki


While inclusiveness is not a new approach and a new toolkit for dealing with differences stemming from social inequalities, we are now witnessing the emergence of a new stream of research which deals with the nexus between inclusiveness and volunteering. Nevertheless, the range of individuals and groups that can be considered from the perspective of inclusion is always determined by the community in question, and this fact also strengthens the role of volunteers. The objectives of this paper are first to analyse the different interpretations of the term inclusion in particular European countries, and second, to examine the value of linking inclusivity with volunteering (as the probably most widely accepted concept of social activity). In addition, we provide an overview of various case studies and international research results to show how the connection and nexus between inclusion and volunteering works in practice. By doing this, we examine in detail what results, and effects inclusive volunteering has on the level of the individual and society.

Keywords: inclusive volunteering, social inclusion, equity, integration challenges, volunteering for people with disabilities