The older generation as a helper, in the lives of single-parent families

Kriszta Hajas


Volunteering is an activity that enriches the lifeworld of individuals and their communities. Inclusive volunteering makes this meaningful activity accessible to people with disabilities and those around them. Yet there is a significant difference between the volunteering opportunities available to people with disabilities and non-disabled persons around the world and in our country. There are no statistics on actual domestic activity about inclusive volunteering. In this study, therefore we explore the spectrum of voluntary activities people with intellectual disabilities participate in as well as the activities they consider meaningful from a disability studies perspective. Our study is also experimental in terms of research methodology as we intended to map whether focus group research is an adequate research methodological tool for people with intellectual disabilities. Our results suggest that both the voluntary work and the dynamics of the focus group interview can be achieved if the participants receive the right amount and quality of support, tailored to their individual needs.

Keywords: people with intellectual disabilities, inclusive volunteering, lifeworld, disability studies, research with focus group interview